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Some say, that the first words he
uttered were "Could you
suspend the 4th on that A chord,
please" Well, this may have the
slight air of an Urban Legend
about it, but there's no doubt
that Jason Falloon was born to
play the guitar. 

Both his father and older brother
are accomplished musicians, and
although this was a healthy grounding for anyone wishing to make their way in the world as a professional musician, Jason has forged his own unique identity as a guitarist whilst maintaining the integrity and respect of those aforementioned family members.
From his early teenage years accompanying his father at gigs on acoustic rhythm, through the blues-rock power trio of Renegade (the band that he formed in England in the early 90's and who garnered a formidable live reputation), to the slightly more measured, but no less impressive threesome that he plays with today under the name of Stone Shiva, he has built up a hugely impressive repertoire of material.
Equally at home with the gentler acoustic styling's of Cat Stevens and Neil Young, as he is with the power, control and (let's face it) noise of Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend, Jason can adapt to all these styles and everything in between. But he's no mere competent emulator. He brings his own inimitable touches, with no small measure of technical skill and virtuosity, to anything he turns his hand to.
As impressive as he is in the live arena, Jason is no slouch when it comes to the discipline of working in the studio. He has recorded a number of CD's over the years, which have included everything from solo acoustic songs on 4 Track analogue, to 8 piece bands that have included banjos, fiddles, flutes, saxophone and all kinds of drums and percussion, all within the virtually unlimited universe of the digital studio. But where Jason is most proud, and where he really proved he can cut it with the very best, was when he was invited to play on 2 solo albums by none other than Roger Taylor, drummer and songwriter with rock legends Queen. Unfazed by the prospect of working in Taylor's state-of -the-art studio complex, Jason impressed so much that he was invited on tour throughout Europe and Japan, playing a selection of songs from Roger's solo back catalogue and Queen Classics. This association has given Jason the opportunity to share the stage, at numerous festivals and charity events, with the likes of John Deacon and Brian May (Queen), Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople) and Roger Daltrey (The Who).
So whether you're requesting rock, country, folk, blues or any of the sub-genres and derivatives around these forms, Jason can provide an accompaniment that will not only impress you, but will bring a touch of real class to your recordings.

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